Two-way Syncing

Keep up and stay connected. Know the state of your tickets on both sides.

Workflow Automation

Choose your own criteria for custom integration.

Agile, Scrum, Kanban

Adapt to Microsoft Processing Templates. Stay relevant to team projects.

AutoSync Management

Manage auto-synchronization. Build your own rules to import and to synchronize tickets content.

Ticket Dashboard

Overview of ticket management across projects, work items for non-technical personnel.

On-Demand Update

Whether you work with new or old tickets, always stay up to date.

Ticket Analytics

View, Search, and Filter Imported / Unimported Tickets.

B2B SaaS Cloud Integration Platform

Personalize your organization's experience. Manage your own work.

Adaptive User Experience

Scan Team Services / Help Desk Systems setup. Leverage configuration for integration accuracy.

Multiple Project Collections

Manage multiple projects with Team Services On Premise.

Helpdesk Custom Fields

Manage Helpdesk Custom Fields.

VSTSO / Azure DevOps / Team Foundation Server Custom Fields

Manage Custom Fields for VSTSO / Azure DevOps / Team Foundation Server.

How SyncDojo Works?

Pick Your Own

Register through Cloud Integration Portal. To integrate, get your necessary end points and accounts ready for help desk and management systems.

Search for
Help Desk Tickets

Search existing help desk tickets that have not been imported and synchronized yet using different search criteria filters in your Help Desk.

Import Tickets
Safe and Secure

Pick and chooce how many tickets you would like to import and in which work item type: Requirement, Product Backlog Item, User Story, Bug or Task.

Link Work Items
Sync and Relate

Perform Bi-Directional synchronization based On-Demand / AutoSync. Relate existing work items and existing help desk tickets in Agile, Scrum and Kanban templates.



Pick Your Own

As you set yourself on a journey to improve your collaborative efforts between customer support and product management, look no further than your teammate, Administrator who has knowledge and experience with your Help Desk system and Team Foundation Server or Team Services Online.

Collect necessary information when it comes to making a handshake with your Help Desk system and Product Management system to create in-house integration space where Development and Support work together cohesively as a single transparent unit of work.

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Organize Tickets Search:
Safely Import & Auto Sync

Dive into learning more about your teams performance while you query and analyze what is happening with ticketing data in relation to development efforts taking place in other teams.

Keep your senior staff members in both teams informed and aware about potential new requests, issues or bugs that co-relate to already existing work or the work that is coming in the pipeline.

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Share Project(s) Data With Your

Maximize your teams performance by looking at real-time charts that reflect the results of autosync importation and synchronization efforts produced by you using SyncDojo Cloud Integration Portal.

Stay informed and stay connected with your teams. Involve more people as you expand your work in the cloud integration space.

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Do Ticket Analytics:
View & Analyze

Dive into ticket analytics and see how best to redistribute your work force in relation to projects and time. Aggregate your data by projects, work item types within different Azure DevOps Templates: Agile, Scrum, CMMI.

Inform your C-level executives how collaboration performs between teams and departments within your organization whether you use laptop, pc station or tablet PC.

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Apps We Work With

Visual Studio
Team Foundation Server

Team Services (VSTSO)
Azure DevOps

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