Our Story

When you make a mistake, you reach for an eraser. When you have an idea, you reach for a pencil. When you need an integration software solution, get a Bluepen.

The team at Bluepen Software works to provide custom integration software platform for companies that need to automate their workflows between customer support and product management teams.

Whether you’re looking to develop integration software to work with a customer service platform or want to integrate or re-transform your digital analytics platform data, our team will work to find a solution that is user-friendly, easy-to-use, and straightforward to implement.

Who Are We?

Bluepen Software develops custom integration software solutions for companies that need them.

Depending on unique client's needs and requirements, our team will work to find a solution that is:

  • user-friendly
  • easy-to-use
  • straight forward to implement

Our goal is to automate your everyday activities in relation to customer support and product management to help you reduce project costs and improve the overall product quality.

What Do We Do?

Our primary focus is the development of Cloud Integration software solutions that help its users ensure seamless workflows between Customer Service and Product Management / Development departments within an organization. Bluepen Software develops software as a service portal conduit (SaaS) using latest technologies.

SyncDojo, our recently launched Cloud Integration Portal, is a functional yet easy-to-use tool that helps companies using Help Desk Systems and TFS / Azure DevOps to bridge the gap between Customer Service and Development teams. Bluepen SyncDojo automates workflows between different departments, improves management processes, and enhances customer support.


  • Integrates: Zendesk & Team Foundation Services / Azure DevOps, Freshdesk & Team Foundation Services / Azure DevOps, Kayako & Team Foundation Services / Azure DevOps, Salesforce Desk & Team Foundation Services / Azure DevOps, Groove HQ & Team Foundation Services / Azure DevOps
  • Provides out clients with the capability to boost interaction between customer support and software management


With our continuous high work ethics and perseverance, our cloud integration platform for Freshdesk has been acknowledged and listed at Freshdesk App Gallery Marketplace.

Why Bluepen?

We often get asked “Why did you name your company ‘Bluepen’?” Well, every company name has a story behind it, and ours is surprisingly simple. Company's CEO & Founder has only used Uni-Ball blue pens since college. If he’s that particular about his pens, imagine how he feels about the software he designs.

Do you have a problem that needs to be solved with a software platform? Bluepen Software is ready to assist you in building a custom integration software solution. Contact Us to get started on your next project.

SyncDojo Benefits

Clean Design

Simple, easy to navigate, accessible, user-centric.

Customer Support

High level of technical expertise in SaaS infrastructure, integration and transformation.

Responsive Design

Scalable navigation, mobile-friendly.

On-Premise Based

Product integrates with Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Clean Coded

Take great care with high-quality development, quick turn-around time.


AutoSync makes it easy to schedule, automate and manage importation and synchronization processes.

Easy to Use

Intuitive graphical user interface, multi-generation based product experience.

Off-Premise Based

Product integrates with Microsoft Visual Team Service / Azure DevOps.

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