Our Story

When you make a mistake, you reach for an eraser. When you have an idea, you reach for a pencil. When you need Agility or meet Research/Discovery phase, get a Bluepen.

The team at Bluepen Software works to provide Agile Assessment for companies that seek business agility in their business operations today.

Whether you are looking to develop a digital presence with Azure cloud services or build a prototype for a solution in the Internet of Things space with the utilization of Azure IoT services, our team will work to find a proof of concept / prototype that is user-friendly, easy to use, and straightforward to take off.

Who Are We?

Bluepen Software provides agile assessment strategies to improve companies operations / processes, business transformation over cloud services, Azure IoT Discovery for companies that need them.

Depending on unique client's needs and requirements, our team will work to find a solution that is:

  • user-friendly
  • easy-to-use
  • straight forward to implement

Our goal is to help businesses drive their ideas forward, to implement strategies to maximize positive results of their initiatives, to reduce project costs and to improve the overall business agility.

What Do We Do?

Our primary focus is the development of a digital presence with the utilization of Orchard Core CMS over Azure that would help small to mid-size businesses thrive with content management in the cloud environment. Bluepen Software develops prototypes for Internet of Things solutions/products using the latest technologies in Azure IoT services.

CloudBlue, our bundle of OrchardCore CMS, Azure Services, themeforest.com, is a functional yet easy-to-use package that helps companies establish their digital online presence with already pre-built themes, content management features, and your business content model.

Cloud Blue:

  • Provides our clients with the capability to boost online content management with different themes and up-to-date Microsoft technologies in cloud-based environments


With our continuous high work ethics and perseverance, our services for small to mid-size business ownership will prove value and provide benefits that you are looking for.

Why Bluepen?

We often get asked “Why did you name your company ‘Bluepen’?” Well, every company name has a story behind it, and ours is surprisingly simple. Company's CEO & Founder has only used Uni-Ball blue pens since college. If he’s that particular about his pens, imagine how he feels about the software he designs.

Do you have a problem that needs to be solved with an agile assessment, digital transformation over Azure cloud services, or IoT discovery / prototyping? Bluepen Software is ready to assist you in finding that strategy or approach or digital transformation experience. Contact Us to get started on your next project.

CloudBlue Benefits

Clean Design

Simple, easy to navigate, accessible, user-centric.

Customer Support

High level of technical expertise in SaaS infrastructure, integration and transformation.

Responsive Design

Scalable navigation, mobile-friendly.

Cloud Based

Services supported by Azure IoT, OrchardCore CMS, nopCommerce platforms.

Clean Coded

Take great care with high-quality development, quick turn-around time.

Easy to Use

Intuitive graphical user interface, multi-generation based CMS/online store experience.

Are You Ready To Empower Your Team?

Assess your teams' agility, Transform Your Business Online, and Collaborate on IoT over POC between teams.

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