Specializing in providing software integration solutions for customer service centers using Help Desk Systems and Product Management departments with Visual Studio Team Services or Azure DevOps or Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, our team is uniquely equipped to solve the issues that your company faces with solutions that work.

SyncDojo is a Cloud Integration Portal developed to bridge the gap between Customer Service and Development teams. Built by current UI, Software Design Patterns, Frameworks and programming languages, this software solution delivers a superior user experience and provides greater tracking and workflow documentation. Most importantly, SyncDojo was designed to reduce time on completing everyday tasks, improve efficiency of processes within your company, and, as a result, help your bottom line.

SyncDojo is...

SyncDojo is a Cloud based SaaS Integration Portal designed to automate company's workflows between customer support and software product management using Zendesk, Freshdesk, Kayako, Salesforce Desk, Groove HQ or Happy Fox and Visual Team Services or Team Foundation Server or Azure DevOps.

You should consider Bluepen SyncDojo if:

  • Your Customer Service team is using one of the following Help Desk Systems such as: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Kayako, Salesforce Desk, Groove HQ or Happy Fox
  • Your Development team is using Visual Studio Team Services or Visual Studio Team Foundation Server or Azure DevOps
  • You are looking for an Integration Tool that would bring these two teams together, streamline the workflow between Software & Customer Service departments, and automate their day to day communication

SyncDojo is a functional yet easy-to-use integration tool:

We understand that the Development team values functionality, efficiency, and compatibility of an integration tool with their current software setup. The Customer Service team would appreciate a user-friendly and an easy to use tool that would not require advanced technical skills. SyncDojo with its intuitive interface, flexible design, and advanced functionality will satisfy both Customer Service and Development teams.

Do you have a workflow issue that needs to be solved with a software integration solution? Let us work with your team to create a custom build or an Add-On to our Cloud Integration Portal that would overcome the issues your team is currently facing. We have a proven track record of assisting companies with custom software solutions that are user-friendly and cost effective. Contact us today to discuss your current dilemma or sign up for a FREE 15-day trial now.

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