Salesforce Desk Integration

SyncDojo: Integrate Salesforce Desk customer support and Visual Studio Team Services or Foundation Server from Bluepen Software.

Salesforce Desk has been universally praised by customers and support providers alike for its speed, out-of-the-box readiness, and advanced functionality, but the one aspect where it drew complaints was a lack of compatibility with Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server.

Bluepen Software developed SyncDojo Cloud Integration Portal that allows Salesforce Desk to be paired with Visual Studio Team Services or TFS, SyncDojo enables modern service centers to offer a completely integrated experience for their customer service team and product management team.

How does SyncDojo assist companies that use Salesforce Desk with Visual Studio Team Services or TFS?

Salesforce Desk allows companies to add customer service tools quickly and gain insights into their customer response team. However, to provide a better overall user experience, the popular platform needs to be fully compatible with Visual Studio Team Services or TFS. Both product backlog tracking and workflow documentation are two of the key aspects of Visual Studio Team Services and TFS, but, in it’s current form, Salesforce Desk doesn’t offer these key functions. Finding an ‘in-house’ solution is often costly and time consuming, but SyncDojo cloud integration platform enables companies that rely on Desk and Visual Studio Team Services or TFS to have the following with a scalable software solution:

  • The intuitive interface can be easily adapted to current processes
  • Developed to work well with mobile and desktop platforms and browsers
  • Allows for customization
  • Simplified pricing structure with a license fee and subscription

How does SyncDojo differ from other products available?

In addition to the key advantages listed above, Desk users will find updated search functions and additional features to be a great advantage after implementing SyncDojo Salesforce Desk Integration solution. New search functions and custom options include:

  • Search through Desk cases by subject matter, label, status, channel, start date, created date, and company
  • Ability to pull notes or messages for a specific case
  • Customer filters may be added soon
  • Integration of Business Insights may also be included

Combine Customer Support and Software Management with SyncDojo.

Do you have a question or are you looking to request a demonstration of SyncDojo? Get additional information on SyncDojo or schedule a demo through our contact form and enable your team to combine Salesforce Desk and Visual Studio Team Services or TFS with the latest addition to a rapidly growing product lineup. You can also sign up for a free 15-day trial.

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