Freshdesk Integration

Integrate Customer Support and Software Management with SyncDojo Cloud Integration SaaS Portal

Does your company rely on Freshdesk and TFS to provide customer support and track workflow? Do you wish there was a way to combine the two platforms to work together seamlessly? SyncDojo Cloud Integration Portal provides Freshdesk and TFS users with improved functionality and a user-friendly interface they’ve been seeking. The SyncDojo is the ideal software solution for any company that has struggled when working between Freshdesk and TFS.

What are the benefits of SyncDojo for companies that use Freshdesk and TFS?

Created specifically to enhance support processes and combine Freshdesk and TFS functions, SyncDojo integration tool pairs the two platforms in a way that allows our clients to improve customer service processes through a unique software solution. Advantages of Freshdesk Extended Integration include:

  • Greater usability through a highly intuitive interface
  • Both mobile and desktop functions are available for improved adaptability
  • Functions equally well with multiple browsers
  • Ease of use and customization to your specific work functions
  • Affordable pricing with only a license fee and subscription required

Which features are available with SyncDojo with Freshdesk  and TFS Integration experience?

SyncDojo integrates Freshdesk with TFS to pair online customer service through one of the most popular platforms available with Microsoft’s management and reporting tool. While Freshdesk Integration Tool does share a few similaries with all SyncDojo extensions, there are several features for Freshdesk users which will improve workflow and processes for companies.

  • Freshdesk ticket filters enabled including New and My Open Tickets, Watching, Spam, Deleted, Unresolved, Monitored By, and Raised By Me
  • Filter parameters for specific Due By dates and times, and customer search are also available
  • Created to function with on-site or off-site TFS configurations
  • Sync TFS tickets from Freshdesk and Freshdesk tickets from TFS
  • Import Freshdesk tickets into TFS
  • Additional search functions through different channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms can be enabled

Simplify your processes with SyncDojo

Do you need more details on SyncDojo with Freshdesk and TFS Integration. Reach out to our team to have your specific questions answered or get more information about available functions and pricing through our contact form. You can also sign up for a free trial.

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