Groove HQ Integration

SyncDojo: A Software Solution for Groove and Visual Studio Team Services / Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

One of the fastest growing customer support management tools available. Groove truly is a support ticket system designed to help businesses meet the needs of their customers; however, there is one aspect in which it isn’t succeeding. Groove may offer easy to use but powerful features to provide customer support, but it is clearly lacking the additional functionality for Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

SyncDojo Cloud Integration Portal is the product that our team has developed to combine a customer service platform such as Groove, with Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

Which Features Will Still Be Available After Implementing SyncDojo?

Groove is known throughout the industry for providing easy to use features with a user friendly interface. Our team made certain that every feature would carryover with SyncDojo to provide a higher level of performance than before. Key features include:

  • Email can still be sent to support with Groove functioning as your new inbox
  • Replying to tweets and Facebook wall posts that mention your business is still available
  • Chatting with customers through leading providers like Olark and SnapEngage is included
  • Logging notes of phone conversations and texts to save as tickets is provided
  • Assigning tickets to other team members or groups for greater accountability is maintained
  • Creating custom labels to organize tickets or tag them for future reference is still allowed
  • The personal touches included with Groove are actually improved upon through SyncDojo

What Does SyncDojo Provide Groove and Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Users?

Without integration for Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, Groove isn’t providing the backlog tracking and workflow documentation that customer service teams are in need of. By pairing Groove to Visual Studio Team Services or Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, SyncDojo enables customer service centers to have a fully integrated experience, with the two tools working together to provide greater functionality.

  • Advanced ticket management to search for and resolve open tickets
  • Assigning tickets to other agents or groups with a simplified process
  • Private messaging is allowed to provide greater collaboration with notes that only you and your team can see
  • Know the status of over support ticket by marking it as Open, Pending or Closed
  • Assign ticket priorities and help your team tackle the most important problems first
  • Organize or tag tickets so they can be easily found again

In the future, Bluepen Software is planning to roll out upgrades to SyncDojo to provide even greater functionality and further streamline processes.

  • Create specific notes about each customer to give team members greater understanding of customer requirements
  • Keep detailed notes of phone conversations for easy reference and follow-up
  • Monitor performance and comb through data from your CRM, billing software, internal CMS or other third-party app

Do you need to see a demo before deciding on SyncDojo? Reach out to the team at Bluepen Software through email to schedule a demo of our latest software solution or get more information about pricing. You can sign up for a free 15-day trial.

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