Kayako Integration

Unify Kayako with TFS through SyncDojo Cloud Integration solution

One of the most popular customer service platforms in the world, Kayako is meant to serve as your company’s in-box, but only SyncDojo can make it speak to TFS. SyncDojo works with both on-premise and off-premise Team Foundation Services and Kayako to deliver a completely integrated software solution.

Why does SyncDojo make sense for companies that use Kayako and TFS?

Able to unify customer conversations across all channels, Kayako puts a great deal of information at your fingertips, but how can it work with TFS? Order tracking and workflow documentation are two of the key aspects of TFS, but they don’t crossover to Kayako easily. Our team recognized the gap in the marketplace, and worked to develop SyncDojo.

Key benefits include:

  • User-friendly with an interface designed to be completely intuitive
  • Engineered to function with mobile and desktop platforms and browsers
  • Easily tailored to your specific needs
  • Cost-effective pricing with a license fee and subscription

Which unique search functions does SyncDojo offer?

SyncDojo users are sure to be impressed by the multiple search functions now possible. Key search functions added include:

  • Search for content within the messages, posts, and notes for each specific case
  • Search within activities of each case that describe places, locations, and participants
  • Search through specific channels, including email, chat transcripts, Twitter, Help Center, Facebook, and Events

SyncDojo can also be enabled to do the following:

  • Search in three different resources: users, cases, and organizations
  • Up to 30 results per search by Search API
  • Search within cases that involve specific organizations
  • Search within cases that belong to a specific team or group

Unify Customer Support and Software Management with SyncDojo

Are you looking for pricing information or do you have a specific questions about SyncDojo? Contact the our team through our online form to get more details on our latest product. You can also sign up for a free 15-day free trial.

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