Zendesk Integration

How can SyncDojo Improve Your Processes?

With years of experience in working with Zendesk and Team Foundation Services, we heard the complaints and struggles of companies looking to integrate the user experience of the two systems. There wasn’t any easy way to make the two programs speak to each other, and the existing tools either were expensive or difficult to put into action. Our team noticed the gap in Zendesk and TFS, and SyncDojo Cloud Integration Portal was developed to overcome all of the obstacles that we had observed.

How does SyncDojo meet its goals?

SyncDojo cloud integration portal is an easy-to-use tool that integrates Zendesk with Team Foundation Services or Zendesk with Team Foundation Server. If your goal is to speed up interaction between customer support and software management, SyncDojo is the ideal solution. This Cloud Integration Portal is highly functional and allows for customization, but it’s also designed with usability in mind to deliver a process template that adapts to improve the Zendesk experience in three different scenarios: Agile, CMMI, and Scrum.

What are the key features of SyncDojo?

Developed to improve support processes and unify Zendesk and TFS functions, SyncDojo has several important features that our clients can learn more about by scheduling a demo presentation.

  • User-friendly with an intuitive interface
  • Both mobile and desktop functionality are included
  • Compatible across multiple browsers
  • Easy to implement and customize to your specific needs
  • Reasonably priced with a license fee and subscription

Are there specific functions for Zendesk and TFS?

Yes. SyncDojo integration platform offers unique functionality for both programs, including:

  • Designed to work with on-premise or off-premise TFS configurations
  • Sync TFS tickets from Zendesk and Zendesk tickets from TFS
  • Able to search Zendesk tickets by subject, tag, ticket, status, type, or date created
  • Import Zendesk tickets into TFS
  • Search imported Zendesk tickets in TFS by Title/Subject, Team Project, Work Item Type, Start Date, End Date, or Sprint/ Iteration
  • Remove Zendesk tickets from TFS
  • Tag Zendesk tickets once imported into TFS

Streamline Your Processes With SyncDojo

Do you still have questions about SyncDojo? Get in touch with our team to get more information about functionality and pricing or sign up for a free trial.

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